The 5 most popular bicycle routes

More than 1000 TOV newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans took part in our 'Vote for your favourite bicycle route' internet poll. The Leie route, a 51 km route along the most picturesque spots along the Leie between Ghent and Deinze, won convincingly with +350 preferential votes. The castle route and the Canteclaer route complete the top 3.

1. Leie route (Leiestreek)

  • 51 km of cycling along the most picturesque spots along the Leie between Ghent and Deinze
  • Through an inspiring artist landscape with well-known museums
  • Past the picturesque villages of Deurle and Sint-Martens-Latem, and along Ooidonk castle

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2. Castle route (Scheldeland)

  • 48 km of cycling along often idyllic castles and country houses near the Scheldt between Ghent and Wetteren
  • From Destelbergen across Heusden to the castle of Laarne
  • Through the Kalkense Meersen nature reserve and along the Damvallei lake back to Destelbergen

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3. Canteclaer route (Waasland)

  • Cycle 46 km with Canteclaer the rooster of the Reynard the Fox fables through Stekene, Lokeren and Moerbeke
  • From Stekene along the Stekense Vaart to the Dries van Sinaai
  • Via the Moervaartmeersen to the friendly village of Daknam and across an old railroad back to the start

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4. Nevelland route (Meetjesland)

  • 48 km of cycling through and around the villages of Nevele
  • From the Cyriel Buysse village of Nevele along the tiny Poesele, the protected village centre of Hansbeke and the beautiful castle village of Merendree.
  • Along the fields and meadows of Landegem to the green castle site in Sint-Martens-Leerne to Vosselare

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5. Eddy Merckx route (Flemish Ardennes)

  • Follow in cycling hero Eddy Merckx' wheel tracks on a 46 km tour through Flanders' most beautiful landscape.
  • Sample the Tour of Flanders on the hills of Oude Kwaremont, Paterberg, Hotondberg and Kluisberg.
  • Enjoy the rural peace and quiet in the Kluisbos on the top of the Kluisberg.

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