5 places not to be missed

Discover the 5 most beautiful must-see spots in the province of East Flanders!

Fort Liefkenshoek

Fort Liefkenshoek


In the twelve rooms of Fort Liefkenshoek you will be standing on the swaying deck of a ship, you are confronted with the turbulent history of the fort and will be impressed by the stacked containers. You can study the mighty Scheldt and the surrounding Waasland port in the panoramic watch tower.

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The Oude Kale valley

The Oude Kale valley


The source of the Oude Kale is the Poekebeek which works it way through the landscape. The valley of the Oude Kale is part of the surface water catchment area of the Kluizen drinking water production centre where the water is purified. Today the Oude Kale is a wide stream which meanders through the beautiful landscape.

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MOU Oudenaarde

Flemish Ardennes

This city museum brings the history of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes to life. Through interactive media and special historic documents you travel through time, from the Middle Ages to now. It is housed in one of Belgium's most beautiful city halls. Be sure to admire the original tapestries from Oudenaarde and one of Flanders' biggest silver collections.

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Castle Ooidonk

Castle Ooidonk

Leie region (Leiestreek)

Ooidonk has been described as one of Belgium's most beautiful castles and a jewel of Flemish-Spanish 16th century architecture. The moated castle stands grand, strict and opulent in an old bend of the Leie and is surrounded by a beautiful 45 hectare park. Recommended!

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A unique mixed deciduous forest in Flanders in excess of 200 hectare. Be sure to pay a visit to the arboretum to find out more about the trees and bushes growing in the Buggenhout forest. Kids can enjoy themselves in the 10 hectare play area.

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