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Unknown, unpopular, unspoilt

Discover a small bit of unknown Flanders, far away from the hustle and bustle. Between Ghent, Bruges and Breskens you'll find a cycling paradise with forests, fields and in the north a unique area of creeks where you can take lovely walks. Enjoy some culinary pampering in one of the typical eel restaurants near the border.

Top attractions

Sentse creeks

  • You can cycle and walk to your heart's content here, thanks to the many low-traffic agricultural roads.
  • During your excursion you'll enjoy the open landscape and unspoilt nature.
  • You can also explore these ponds in the polders with a covered wagon or be taken in tow by 'Marcel, the eel catcher'.

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Canada Poland Museum

  • In the Canada Poland Museum you'll become acquainted with the Second World War as it was experienced in Flanders.
  • Impressive panoramas explain the battle for the Leopold Canal and Schipdonk Canal.
  • There is a film, 270 original uniforms, equipment and weapons.

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Drongengoed nature reserve

  • With its beautiful forests - more than 500 hectares - Drongengoed is the ideal place for walkers, cyclists and joggers.
  • There is also the Drongengoed cycling route and there are diverse, signposted mountain bike routes.
  • The 18th-century monastic farm with its landscape information centre is a highlight.

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